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About Exchange Money

Exchange Money - who we are what we do and how we can save you money.

About us

We are primarily a comparison website aimed specifically at the Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer market.

Our website contains information on individual fx companies and banks offering money changing facilities irrespective of their size.

This will help you to make an informed decision on your foreign currency needs.

Every week we spot check all of the foreign exchange companies and banks in our list for their best rates and deals on specific amounts of currencies to be transferred overseas.

We collate that information for you the browser and display the top 5 companies in a grid of unbiased results on our Compare The Brokers page.

Our website is funded entirely by advertising and the results of spot checks is in no way affected by any companies advertising spend on our website.

If you are or operate foreign currency facilities or services and would like to be included in our list then please contact us with your details and we will be in touch. If you prefer to just advertise on our website then please feel free to visit our advertising section.

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Current Forecast

Keep up to date with the latest daily forecast on currency movements within the markets. Updated throughout the day to give you the latest forecast to help you plan your money.

Planning a trip

Planning a trip or holiday abroad? Then why not buy your foreign currency online from the UK's leading fx companies. Quick, safe and convenient way to buy your holiday money online.