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Buying Foreign Currency Online

Whether buying holiday money or transferring money abroad - compare the best exchange rates on

Buying Currency

There are many reasons why you may want to buy currency. Perhaps you have bought a holiday home abroad and need to transfer the deposit or balance over to your lawyer or real estate agent.

Other reasons include sending money abroad to pay for regular household bills, schooling, buying a car or boat or simply for holiday money - there are literally hundreds of reasons why you may need to buy foreign currency.

Most people think of buying currency from their local high street bank or the travel agent in the precinct. However, what most people don't realise is the savings that can be made from comparing currency brokers and bank rates.

Compare Exchange rates

As an example: if you were to transfer £25,000 from GBP to Euros on 07th February 2012 using a typical bank rate before charges you would have €29,152.50.

If you were to make the same calculation using let's say a leading FX company you would probably have ended up having near €30,082.50. That's €930 euros more in your pocket.

NB: Neither of the examples above take into account any transfer fees or receiving bank fees or commissions that might be charged.

Shop Around

Obviously it pays to shop around as different companies offer different rates, some charge a commission and some don't but then offer a better rate. It can be a minefield - that's why we have created our comparison site so you can see clearly what you will save from one company to another.

Check out our compare brokers page to see exactly what is the best deal for you with all things considered for this week. Obviously exchange rates will differ by the minute but it's easy to see which is the best deal this week.

If you are looking to buy currency online for your next holiday then check out buy holiday money page filled with information and links to companies specialising in smaller amounts of foreign currency.

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Current Forecast

Keep up to date with the latest daily forecast on currency movements within the markets. Updated throughout the day to give you the latest forecast to help you plan your money.

Planning a trip

Planning a trip or holiday abroad? Then why not buy your foreign currency online from the UK's leading fx companies. Quick, safe and convenient way to buy your holiday money online.

Monthly Reports

For the serious buyer - our monthly currency reports will help you to stay updated and help you to make informed decisions on where the markets are heading. Sign up today to receive our free monthly reports via email.