Currency Trading

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Trading Foreign Currency

Information on trading major currencies, the pits, the falls and the huge rewards.

Currency Trading Accounts

Currency trading is somewhat similar to dealing in shares but using foreign currency instead of commodities.

The currency exchange rate will fluctuate constantly and can be influenced by economical factors, world politics and global events.

Trading currencies on the foreign exchange (Forex) markets can be both financially rewarding as well as financially destructive depending on your luck/skill.

Opening a Trading Account

Currency trading is a specialist area and you will need to open a trading account with either one of the main foreign currency brokers, banks or check details at your stockbrokers.

Many of the FX companies on our website will operate a trading account for you and be able to guide you through the opening process.

Mos currency houses operate a live online trading platform which you can access from your computer specifically for trading currency online.

There are only really to golden rules to consider when trading currencies or indeed stocks and shares:-

Don't gamble with money you can't afford to lose and
Remember the secret to a good trader is research, research and a little more research.

Trading Account Tools

Almost every trading operator will be able to give you access to a plethora of currency tools including historical data tables, political news ad currency forecasts to help you stay informed.

In addition you will also find lots of useful data and trading news and articles by surfing the internet for specific information on trading foreign currency.

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Current Forecast

Keep up to date with the latest daily forecast on currency movements within the markets. Updated throughout the day to give you the latest forecast to help you plan your money.

Planning a trip

Planning a trip or holiday abroad? Then why not buy your foreign currency online from the UK's leading fx companies. Quick, safe and convenient way to buy your holiday money online.

Monthly Reports

For the serious buyer - our monthly currency reports will help you to stay updated and help you to make informed decisions on where the markets are heading. Sign up today to receive our free monthly reports via email.